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We are fortunate to present here the English translation of the Japanese volume, The Self-Appointed High Priest: Revealing the Deception of Nikken Abe, the 67th High Priest of the Fuji School. It is written by the Association Concerned about the Plight of Nichiren Shoshu for the Protection of the Law, a group of reform-minded young Buddhist priests. This book explains in great detail the corruption in present-day Nichiren Shoshu.

Nichiren Shoshu means "Nichiren's true (or orthodox) sect." Unfortunately, due to the actions of some power-hungry individuals, this sect has moved very far from its Founder's intentions.

Today the current Nichiren Shoshu sect in Japan is renowned for oppression of its lay members and for valuing only the self-serving ideas of priests. It clings to ceremony and hierarchy at the expense of its believers' happiness. In this way, the name of Nichiren Shoshu has been grossly dishonored by its clergy. 

Here we present the ugly truth about that sect and we hope to rejuvenate, reform, and revolutionize Nichiren Shoshu. 

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